Effect on Various zodiac signs due to transit of Saturn in Scorpio

For the general idea, the planet Saturn is considered to be the planet of karma. According to the karma of the individuals that has been accumulated in the past life of an individual the destiny of the present life is decided. The planet Saturn is going to shift from its original place to the zodiac sign Scorpio and due to this there will be changes in the life of the humans as well. This planet is the slowest moving planet and is large in size as compared to other planets. The planet Saturn has shifted on 2nd November 2014 and is going to remain for two and half period i.e. till 26th January 2017. The sade sati period is affected when the transition of the planet happens i.e. a period of 7 and ½ years when the three houses will get affected.

People with the zodiac sign of Virgo will have the relief as their sade sati period will get over while on the other hand people with the zodiac sign Libra will be under the last phase of sade sati and people with Scorpio rashi will be in the middle of sade sati period. The Sagittarius will have the starting phase of sade sati. Under the effect of sade sati the karmas are judged meticulously and accordingly the life of individual is judged. The scorpions will have the adverse effect on their life as the planet Saturn is of Air nature and the zodiac is of fire nature. The natural calamities can also happen and this can destroy the nature.

The planet Jupiter is considered to be in exalted state till mid of 2015 in the zodiac sign cancer and therefore there will be a balance in things which will nullify the negative effects. Please read in detail below about how the zodiac signs will get affected.

  • Aries: – the planet Saturn will be in the eighth house of the zodiac sign Scorpio. This transit will have the positive shift because the eighth house is the house of enemy and therefore all the negative effects will be nullified by the planet. The intensity of adverse situation will be less for you but still you will be in expensive zone. There can be financial obligations and due to this you can end up with your savings. With the career perspective there can be the change and transfers in the job. You need to have the patience in order to overcome the professional distress. It is advised to avoid the travels that are not necessary. The property dealing should not be done during this period. The remedy to come out of the problems is to donate 8kg of black grams in shani temple.
  • Taurus: – the planet is going to shift in the seventh house which is considered to be the natal exalted of the Taurus house. This shift can bring a good luck for you in the coming years. There will be situations where you can face problems in comforts of life. Problems in the personal vehicles can also persist. The new partnership in business can be there and you can be engaged into new business venture. There will be ultimate success and growth in your life and support from unexpected sources. The problems in the married life are seen. The remedy for the problem is to distribute the sweet curd on Friday to girl child.
  • Gemini: – the planet will transit into the sixth house and this house is the enemy house for Gemini. The planet in the enemy house is considered to be positive because the negative things are nullified. The things that you want to achieve in your life will be achieved with the help of hard work. There is also some of the foreign travels which will bring the success for you. The remedy for the problem is to take care of the black dogs.
  • Cancer: – the planet transition will happen in the fifth house and therefore this will be the time of the past life judgement.This transition is going to improve your love relationship and the relationship with children will also increase. The planet Jupiter is also at good position and therefore you will receive many accolades from the career organization. The new partnerships are also going to be there. The remedy from the problem is to shower the raw milk on Shivling with sesame seeds.
  • Leo: – the planet is going to transit in the fourth house and therefore there will be changes in the work life. To achieve the success you need to do a lot of hard work. There is going to be renovations at your home and also there may be some changes. The remedy to the problem is to do the pooja of Lord Hanuman.
  • Virgo: – the transition is in the third house and the effect of sade sati will be overcome and you will be able to live the life in happiness. There will be success in the life. Foreign trips are possible and there will be success in business. The remedy to the problem is to do the path of Durgasaptshati.
  • Libra: – this is the last stage of sade sati for you and therefore you will be making things to complete your work on time. You need to be action oriented so that you are achieving more success. The utmost car should be taken in communication. The remedy for the problem will be donation in the shani temple of black sesame seeds and black grams.
  • Scorpio: – the sade sati will be in the second phase and therefore you ned to be more careful regarding your health. The abdominal area, chest area and heart area will be covered. You need to have the regular monitoring on your health. The drastic career changes are also going to arise. The remedy to the problem will be to perform the sunderkaand pooja on Saturdays and Tuesdays.
  • Sagittarius: – the planet will be in the 12th house and therefore there will be the starting phase of sade sati. The face and mind will be affected due to this sade sati period. There is going to be lot of stress in life but still you will be good financially. The status will be maintained in the society. The short period travels need to be avoided. There is also the favor of foreign trip. The remedy to the problem is offering modaks to Ganesha and redaing Durga Saptshati in evening on Wednesday’s.
  • Capricorn: – there will be positive returns as the transition is into the enemy sign and all negative effects will be nullified. There will be lots of honors in your life and there is also the favor of buying a new property. The remedy to the problems will be the giving water to peepal tree.
  • Aquarius: – the transition will happen in the 10th house and therefore the tough times can come which will be difficult to handle. There will be support from the foreign land also. The remedy is to give mustard oil to peepal tree.
  • Pisces: – the planet will be transiting into the house of luck and therefore you will have the good fortune and you might have to work little harder. There will be hidden enemies but there will be support from friends. The remedy is to have donation and offering kheer to shivlings.

Created: Sunday, November 09 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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