Effect of Sun Transit in Sagittarius on all Zodiacs

Aries – You might face problems related to health. The expenses will increase. Unmarried natives will face problem in love relationship. Things are likely to improve later. Professional front will gain benefits and travelling is foreseen. New Year will be smooth for you.

Taurus – Problems in personal as well as professional life are foreseen. Health problems are also foreseen. Some repair work might be done for home as well as vehicles. You will witness less popularity rate.

Gemini – You are facing hesitation in taking decisions. Your children’s education, domestic life, personal health will be major issues of trouble. You will gain money during this time. Guests will show up at your house for short holidays. Disputes in love relationship are predicted. You will do well in professional life.

Cancer – You need to keep a check on your food habits. Flow of money will be in good amount. Your personal life will witness joy and happiness.

Leo – This time you will act as an advisor for many people. Benefits from government front are foreseen. You will take interest in religious tasks and travelling is foreseen in the cards. You will do well in exams as well as gain profit from business. Social repute will increase.

Virgo – Be careful about your health. You might face lack in popularity. However, later the results will be in favor and you will receive happiness.

Libra – Some problems are foreseen in personal life. It is important to control your desires in order to control the expenses. Professional life is smooth but not profitable. Keep calm and focus on money matters during this time.

Scorpio – The stars foresee good time during the transit. Be cautious as minor accident may cause injury or pain. In our work sphere, you will do well. Journeys to nearby places are also predicted. Unnecessary expenses needs to be controlled.

Sagittarius – You will have a great time at work place. Investment in gold is predicted. During this time, you will gain money and make new friends. Bit of inner conflict as to which way is right or wrong in life will be there.

Capricorn – This transit will bring good time for you. You will settle your debts by January 2014. Go ahead with your plans without any worries.

Aquarius – Luck will not be in you favor in the beginning. However, you will get happiness later during the transit. Financial gains are predicted. Businesspersons will have a good time during transit.

Pisces – Take necessary steps to stay away from betrayal. Professional life will be good, but loss of money is foreseen. Trouble from siblings may come your way. Recovery from health problems is assured. Relationship will be harmonious.

Created: Monday, December 02 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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