Effect of Saturn Transit on Aries Natives

Saturn will be transiting in the seventh house of the horoscope chart. From the last two and half years, it had been transiting in the sixth house and may have done several good things in your life. Now being in the seventh house the Saturn is called Kandaga Shani. It will bring immense pressure and responsibilities to the married life, business, and contracts.

Until now, only Jupiter was in unfavorable position but now both the planets are not in favorable spot. The Aries ascendants may face problems in the land, immigration, further studies, and prosperity along with the problems in the married life especially with your spouse.

However, you will see the improvement in the various aspects of your life from May 2013 and it will last until June 2014. During this period, Sagittarius will take the control of your ninth house, which is the house of prosperity, luck, distant travel, education, and work. This is an excellent time for foreign education and media as well as publishing.

During the above-mentioned time, the Aries natives can make huge profits from the business and the health conditions will improve a lot. Monetary issues will not trouble you. If you are unemployed, you will find a good job during this period.

The problems will rise again when the Saturn will move into in the eighth house. It is referred as Shani Ashtam and is marked by the delay and disappointments. You must try to get the work done before November 2014. It is the time when you should look inward, make realistic goals, and curb the unnecessary expenditures. Try to balance your food habits to combat the laziness. In addition, you must also look forward towards your health. Regular checkups can help in having good health.

Remedies for Aries during Saturn Transit 2014

Recite the Mahamritunjay Mantra for removing health problems.

Every Saturday visit Shani Temple and offer Sesame seed oil (Til ka Tel) and perform prayers.

Created: Sunday, December 29 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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