Effect of Saturn Transit 2014 on Taurus Natives

For the last few years, the Saturn was transiting in the fifth house of your horoscope chart and was giving huge troubles in your family, children, monetary, love, and marriage sectors. In addition, if you were single Jupiter being in the sixth house would have increased the expenditure a lot in last two quarters.

Now, the Saturn will be travelling in the sixth house, which will bring great news for you. This house is responsible for the employment, health, financial matters, and self-improvement. Saturn will give you favorable results and the hard work and discipline will increase over time. The Taurus natives will remark a great cycle of winning competition and having an upper edge on the enemies. The business skills will improve and the health will be strengthened due to pro-active habits. You will have good gains in your investments. The supportive double transit will grow and improve the wealth as well as psychological healing and spiritual insights.

Saturn will enter in the seventh house of the Taurus natives during the transit. This house stands for travelling and interpersonal relationships. You need to be cautious during this time from the hidden enemies. In addition, you need to be careful in the dealings that you make in business. You will face hard time when the Jupiter will move further during the month of June 2014. This is a good time to make fixed and long-term investments.

The key to save any relationship is to be gentle and rational. There should be an objective and love in your relationship. It is important sometimes to sacrifice to save a relation. Taurus natives looking forward to establish foreign contact for expanding business will be successful.

Overall, the Saturn Transit will bring happiness and enjoyment in the upcoming year 2014. The key toward happiness is hard work and focus.

Remedies for Taurus Natives during Saturn Transit 2014

Wear a Blue Sapphire for best results.

No remedial solutions are required unless you face an adverse period.

Created: Monday, December 30 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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