Effect of Rahu transit on Zodiac Ascendants

Out of the nine planets, Rahu is one of them. Rahu Kala is believed to be an inauspicious event. According to the Vedic astrology, planet Rahu is known to bestow material gain and is the planet of materialism. However, if Rahu is positioned in the right horoscope house it can bring immense happiness.

Rahu is the symbol of power, strength, and valor. As per the ancient Hindu mythology, Rahu was known to strengthen power and change enemies into friends. Rahu Transit can have different effect on the zodiacs during its transit cycle.

Look at the effect of Rahu Transit on the following zodiacs in a summarized way –

Rahu in Aries – When the Rahu is transiting in Aries zodiac; the Aries natives are likely to possess characteristics traits like extrovert and extravagant. Rahu is the symbol of strength and courage. You will remain strong and will not get disheartened with hurdles. You will do your best to achieve the goals set by you.

Rahu in Taurus – According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu transit in Taurus is indicated to bring fresh desires. It will be hard for you to be satisfied with what you have and you wish to possess more.

Rahu in Gemini – This transit is considered good and is known to develop communication skills in an individual. This transit is also good for the education point of view.

Rahu in Cancer – Flow of emotions will be high during the transit of Rahu in Cancer. You will witness the increase in domestic happiness and you will be able to achieve the personal goals at faster pace.

Rahu in Leo – When planet Rahu is in Leo it tends to bring hidden desires for the natives. One can aim and gain good fortune and wealth during this time. You will think out of box and will stand out in crowd.

Rahu in Virgo – It brings discipline and one can easily focus on task requiring immediate attention. You will accomplish a lot during this transit. Correct decisions will benefit all. If you are in creative field this transit is very beneficial for you.

Rahu in Libra – Decision taken after thoughtful consideration will bring great results. Libra natives will be able to impress others with their skills and talent.

Rahu in Scorpio – During this transit you will be drawn towards events and things that bring you happiness. You are a satisfied person with what you have and will live with harmony with others.

Rahu in Sagittarius – During Rahu transiting in Sagittarius, chances of travelling are foreseen. The natives under this zodiac will go out and seek new adventures and are drawn towards spiritual science.

Rahu in Capricorn – You will be a hard-working individual with proficient and meticulous skills. You will accomplish more than your set standards.

Rahu in Aquarius – You will gain knowledge and become wise in young age. Natives under Aquarius are attracted with books, new places and new languages. You will always be in a quest to develop and polish your skills.

Rahu in Pisces – With this transit the natives of Pisces become more creative and bring the artistic side to the front. You will remain busy in your official work and work hard to achieve results. You will keep yourself occupied in some innovative work.

Created: Monday, November 25 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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