Effect of Rahu-Ketu Transit on Virgo Natives

For the Virgo Natives Rahu is transiting in the second house and Ketu is transiting in the eighth house of their horoscope chart. Both of these are in malefic position. Swarnamoorthy of these two nodes however, will be very helpful.zodiac-sign-virgo-fake-tattoo

During this time, there will be unexpected expenditures and loss of money. You might also lose your valuables during this transit. Disputes might likely to occur in your family circles. You will experience good health during this time. Fear of food poisoning and infection by insect bite cannot be ruled out. Eye infections and problems in reproductive organs can occur. In the later, half of the year the health conditions will deteriorate. People suffering from chronic diseases will have to extra care.

In the domestic front, you will get the happiness. There are also chances of change in the residence. Some disturbances in the married life can be seen occasionally. It is important that you avoid extra marital relationships and romance with your partner after your marriage. You enemies will keep a close eye on you and will try to harm you in every possible way. Stay cautious while travelling to avoid injuries and accident.

During this transit, your financial position is not very promising. You will face several problems in the financial aspect. Loans will be an essential requirements for you to fulfill your payments. You will face uncomfortable atmosphere at the work place. There will be delay in the recovery of the pending dues. You will not be able to avoid the transfer to an unwanted place. This Rahu ketu transit is also not suitable for businessmen. They will have problem in smooth running of the business. Your endeavors will not bring fruitful results and profits. Some departmental issues and court case will further add to your problem.

For married women it is important that you leave your short temper and ego behind. You need to work together with your other half for a better married life. For working women the working conditions are not very much favorable. However, the Virgo students will do well in exams.

Vedic Remedial Solution for Virgo Natives –

Chant Ganesh Stotra daily.

Recite Ma Durga Argala Stotram regularly.

Created: Tuesday, December 10 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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