Effect of Rahu Ketu Transit on Libra Natives

For the Libra ascendants the Rahu and Ketu are transiting in the first and seventh position of the horoscope chart that makes them malefic. Both the nodes are in Rajathamoorthy combination, which will neutralize the harmful effects and will create new opportunities for the Libra ascendants. Efforts made by the people will bring success. At times you will be anxious and loose self-confidence. You might also suffer from mental agony. Parents will be your top concerned. zodiac_libra-yellow

You must visit hospitals occasionally to get medical checkup. Journeys to distant places frequently will make you restless. Division of ancestral property, sale or purchase of land or house or flats is foreseen. In domestic life, there will be happiness due to birth of a child. Some unwanted delay or obstacles will be faced in the beginning of the new venture.

During this tenure, you will come to know that your secret enemies are increasing. Life partner will bring happiness in the married life all you need is to support them equally. You will get love and support from your partner too.

Your financial condition too does not sound good. Some unexpected expenses may take away your wealth. You cannot avoid a compulsory transfer, however you will be able to recover the pending dues or arrears to partial extent. You need to keep control on your behavior at work place as approaching an opposite sex might get you in trouble. Journeys will not yield any results for businessmen. You need to keep clam and stay happy with the profits you are getting currently.

Working women will come across unfavorable situations at work place. Students will do well in studies during this time.

Vedic remedies for the Libra Ascendants –

Chant Rahu Stotra in evening daily.

Worship Goddess Durga and recite Durga Argala Stotram

Light a lamp full of ghee at Ganesh Temple on Monday.

Donate wheat on every Sunday in temple

Created: Monday, December 09 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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