Effect of Rahu and Ketu Transit on Leo Zodiac Ascendants

Rahu is transiting in the third house and will give you favorable results. Ketu on the other hand is situated in the ninth house and will be malefic during this time. Tamramoorthy, of both these nodes will give nixed results to the Leo natives.

You will be courageous and creative and these qualities will bring success and material comforts in your life. There are possibilities of having numerous sources of income however it will bring you under scanner and you may get in unwanted trouble. Distant journeys will bring fruitless results. You might get cheated or you may lose your money while travelling. Some opportunities will knock your door but you will not be able to encash them to full extent. zodiac_leo-yellow

If we talk about the health conditions, this time is not very good for your health. You might continuously suffer from one or the other chronic diseases. There are chances of migraine and other problems related to head.

Your kin might create some emotional moments for you. However, in your love and relationship you will get disappointment and non-cooperation from your other half. It will take you in depression. While travelling you need to be cautious as accidents and injuries are foreseen. Health of your parents especially mother needs special attention and care. This period is not favorable for Leo natives as some failures in your endeavors, along with hurdles and delay in results is foreseen. Nevertheless, the key to success is keep trying.

This transit is also not helpful for the working women. They need to bear a lot of work load and will not get appreciation for the same. Unwanted transfers and unfavorable atmosphere at work place will make the situation worse. In the love and romance aspect too you will face unnecessary problems from your lover side.

For students this time is fruitful and you can get success in competitive examinations.

Vedic Remedies for Leo natives during Rahu Ketu Transit –

Reciting Ketu Stotra will be helpful.

On your birthday, perform Ganapati Homam

Visiting Lord Ganesh Temple every Thursday will reduce malefic effects of Rahu and Ketu

Created: Sunday, December 08 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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