Effect of Rahu and Ketu Transit on Gemini Ascendants

Rahu is situated in the fifth house, which makes it inimical where as Ketu is transiting in the 11th house, which is beneficial for you. The Rajatha moorthy of the nodes will bring you good fortune and you will get the opportunities to do well in life. It is up to you how well you utilize these keys to success coming to your door.zodiac-sign-gemini

In the domestic area, your children will need extra care and attention. The relationship with your loved ones will be disturbed. You will get lot of help from your friends. You will get the comforts and luxuries of life and will have a great time. You will the arguments and will overcome your enemies as well as opponents after some minor troubles.

Health will face some problems and illness and other chronic maladies will trouble you. Frequent visits to hospitals and regular medication are foreseen on the tarot cards. Domestic life will also face several issues. Your extra marital affairs or attraction towards opposite sex will harm the happy married life.

Travelling will be a matter of concern. There are possibilities of purchasing a new house or vehicle. You will spend some of your quality time in worshipping the deities or planetary gods.

Financial condition will be stable. You will get the money to fulfill your normal expenses. Other materialistic needs will require more money. In the professional front, the period is average. There will be delay in the promotions and increments. Any kind of pending dues will be recovered. In business, the people can take up some changes to gain success. The profit will be spent on the new ventures or in the repayment of loans. Risk takers will not be able to get the profits easily.

Married women will realize to search for employment opportunities due to marital and financial problems. For working women it will be a tough time in professional front. Promotions and due payments will be cleared but after a long delay, which will cause mental stress.

Vedic Remedies for Gemini Natives:

Visit to Vishnu Temple on Tuesdays and observe fast.

Reciting Maa Durga Stotram daily will be beneficial.

Feed a black dog daily.

Created: Thursday, December 05 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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