Effect of Rahu and Ketu Transit 2014 on Aries Ascendants

Conjunction of the two nodes is highly favorable. You will feel tired and restless due to frequent journeys from one place to other. You need to stay cautious in your relationship. You must not do anything foolish that could lend you in trouble with your spouse. Stay away from extra marital affairs and if you have any female/male friends tell the truth about them to your partner to avoid any misunderstanding. Health problems or diseases of some kind might create problem for you. You may suffer from illness of your partner, skin problems, or disease of secret parts may take away your peace of mind. You need to take the help of spiritual activities to get comfort.

Normally you will enjoy good health. But it is advised to visit hospital occasionally to get a routine checkup. You will visit pilgrimage centre to plan out distant journeys to religious place. You will successfully wither out all sorts of barriers from your life. You might have journey to one or more places, some misunderstanding with your partner or some issues at home that might harm the domestic happiness temporarily.

You will have high expenditure however, your sources of income will increase and the level of profit will rise. In professional life, your boss will be blessed with your work and you will be rewarded for your work. Some delay in promotion can be predicted. Due arrears will be received during this period. People in business will receive mixed results. Skilled efforts and use of brain in getting the work done will give surety of profit. You will have a fear of official enquiry or raids.

Students will gain success in studies. Working women will not only get promotion but will also get transfer.

Vedic Remedies suggested for Aries Natives are –

Recite Ketu Mantra

Chant Durga Stotram and worship Goddess Durga daily

Light a lamp of ghee at Lord Ganesh Temple on Mondays

If the situations are complex get the parihara puja performed

General Remedies

Do not get involved in gambling and speculation

Respect your partner and take care of them

Created: Tuesday, December 03 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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