Effect of Jupiter Transit on Gemini Ascendants

During this transit of Jupiter, it is moving out of your zodiac and moving into the second house of your horoscope chart. From the month of June 2013 to July 2014, Jupiter will be travelling in your financial, possessions, and values sector. During this time, you will witness the rise in your earning power and value system. You will enjoy the benefits from both the above-mentioned sectors. With Jupiter in your financial house, you will earn handsome profit and this year will be a profitable as well as productive year.Jupiter Transit Gemini

This year you will feel more confident and enthusiastic as you ability to earn will improve and it will help you to attract more income. However, to accomplish this target you need to make realistic target. For Gemini natives it is important that you work and develop a specific skill set and talent during this cycle to Jupiter. It will help you in boosting your earning power. There are ample of opportunities to improve the future financial situation.

Sometimes, the situation may also arise when you are inclined to overdo on yourself and opt to store your personal possessions somewhere safe to feel secure. During this year, the money problems from the past will also be cleared. However, you need to use it wisely and develop your budget as well as find out new ways to manage your resources. Stars predict that you will increase your possessions during this period; it may be possible that you receive some gift or make a major purchase or probably sellout your useless possessions.

It is a great time to co-operate and work with a financial institution. If you need money, you can apply for the loan. Take into account your habit of over-spending. Keep a control on your emotions that attract you to stores and make you buy products that are of no value in future.

Well, all the positive happenings listed in the article will not necessarily come to you at once. Keep your eyes open to seek the opportunities that come down knocking your door. You will get ample of good opportunities in this time of the year. Try to focus and learn new skill set to increase the chances of getting hired.

Jupiter rules the seventh house of your horoscope chart. This will help in increasing your sense of wealth in terms of sharing expenses or pooling your resources. Some of the Gemini natives can earn good money by handling the financial data of others or through one to one consultation work.

During this transit cycle, the money from the other sources as well as consultation service provided by you can increase and boost your wealth. Do not be over confident in your skills to earn easy money as it may cause a huge loss in your assets. August and September are the two months that may cause issues in your financial condition.

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Created: Sunday, November 17 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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