Effect of Jupiter Transit 2014 on Virgo Ascendants

Period of June 2013 to July 2014 is highly beneficial for the Virgo people. This is because Jupiter is transiting in the eleventh house and forming a angle with you Sun. This transit period will bring freshness in your life and your networking activities will grow strong. You will be able to accomplish the long-term goals and will live an organized life. You will receive a support from your friends and the transit will bring you fruitful results in terms of friends and loved ones.zodiac_virgo-yellow

You will enjoy planning about the future as during this period your majority of dreams will come true. Your goals will broaden and your desires will be ahead of time. It is a promising time and you will be easily to achieve your goals. People will value you thoughts and advice and you will receive the support of them. You will play an active role in your group of friends or colleagues. Some opportunities to join social clubs or groups may also come to your doorstep.

As far as your financial sector is considered, you will get a rise in the income. You will get a great deal of pleasure in sharing a common cause with others. Group activities will help you in achieving what you wish to achieve. Well, reach out and look beyond your friend circle as it might open the doors of success for you. This transit cycle is meant to bring happiness in your life.

Sometime too much happiness together can bring some issues. You might feel disconnected with your loved ones or friends. It is a good time to resolve any old conflicts. Domestic matters will also run smoothly and you will live a happy life. Several of your long-term goals can be resolved within family. This is the time to catch up and connect with others. Go ahead and live your life the way you want too.

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Created: Saturday, November 23 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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