Effect of Jupiter Transit 2014 on the Libra Ascendants

Jupiter transiting in Cancer zodiac places it in tenth house of horoscope chart of the Libra natives. Right from the beginning of the transit i.e. June 2013 to the end i.e. July 2014, this transit will keep the planet Jupiter on the top of your natal chart. Because of this, you will see the increase in the social status and more public will recognize you. Professional success is also foreseen during this time of the year.zodiac_libra-yellow

This duration of Jupiter transit can be a very auspicious time for success and achievement in the field of business as well as career. Long distance travelling for the business purpose is foreseen, as it will help you in getting in touch with wide audience. The recognition, which you are likely to get from the world, will be for a good and the change occurring in your life due to it will be of great value.

This transit cycle of Jupiter can bring promotion, new job opportunities, recognition from esteemed organization, a degree, or diploma. Chances are that you might get married during this cycle. All the possible events can bring you in limelight. The top-level employees and other influential people might approach you due to your potential of work and may offer you work according to your potential.

You might get few favorable results at this time of the year or you might have to wait for few months or weeks to expand you career and find the pleasure and happiness that you get from working at your dream place. No doubt, you will face the change in your career; however, the change will bring you more joy and pleasure in your work. You will feel happy and more challenging as well as managerial level responsibilities will be put upon your shoulders, so work for it! Your integrity and honesty will get you move ahead in your career and you will surely touch the new heights of success with your get going attitude.

Since Jupiter rules the third house of your horoscope chart, higher position in the society and recognition at work place might be a beginning. If you are facing issues with the relations among your family members, the transit period will improve them. Chances are that few of your writing work might get published and you get a recognition for the same. The transit will not only affect you but because of it, your siblings might also get positive energy and they could receive an honor.

You will certainly get limelight and rewards during this cycle. It is the time to show your talent rather than shrinking it. Your hard work will pay off and you will find yourself in a good position as far as career is concerned.

All you need to do is keep your eyes open and keep exploring the opportunities that comes to your door. Your professional network will grow strong and your career will attain new heights.

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Created: Saturday, November 16 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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