Effect of Jupiter Transit 2014 on the Aquarius zodiac

Jupiter transit in the Cancer and its movement in Gemini, places in your house of work and health of the horoscope chart. You will likely see the benefits in the both of the above-mentioned sectors from the period of June

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2013 to July 2014 in addition with benefits in your daily work routine.

The current Jupiter transit 2014 will enhance your capability to handle the job and make others aware about your skills. You may get the advantage from the work place, co-workers, or by your employees during this period. If you are service provider, you will likely get more benefits than usual as you are enjoying providing the services. You have good skills in human resource and you will hire skillful employees. Few improvements in your workspace are also foreseen, which will be beneficial for you in business. If you are a fresher and looking for a job you will find it for sure in this period of time. The working professionals may also get a chance to switch jobs and move on to upper positions.

The best possible way to make most out of this Jupiter transit is to identify the opportunities and recognizing the importance of the same. It will give you a pride and joy to bind with such opportunities and you will be able to generate the desired results. The more you will be honest to your work and perform the duties maintaining the integrity of the work, more will be the payback.

If we talk about the health aspect, you will remain healthy this year. If you are going under treatment or surgery, it will end up successfully. However, if you do not check your appetite you will certainly put on some extra fat. In addition, few Aquarius natives may apt to adopt a pet, which will give you happiness and joy.

Jupiter is the ruler of the eleventh house in your sixth house, which suggests that you will make some new friends at work place. The natives of Aquarius zodiac will bring original and fresh ideas in the work performed and the services offered. Sometimes you will feel overloaded with work or several problems will surround you at the work place all at once. During August, you will be pulled in various directions due to chaotic situations that will prevent you to perform your responsibilities. You may even work at one or more place to get what you desire from life.

Jupiter transit 2014 will bring good fortune for you but it is not necessary that all the happiness come to you at one time. There are some negative points too which you might have to face as discussed above. This cycle Jupiter may bring something that is too much to handle, it may be related to work or family. You will work hard this cycle to take care of the issues related to personal and family front.

In the end, you will be focused and self determined, what you need is to go ahead and get the recognition for the work you do. July and December are the most favorable time of the year for you.

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Created: Thursday, November 14 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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