Effect of Jupiter Transit 2014 on Sagittarius Ascendants

With Jupiter running in the Cancer makes it benefice for the intimacy sector of your life. From the month of June 2013 to July 2014, you will see the benefits in all the areas, which are governed by the eighth house of your horoscope chart. In general, the Sagittarius natives will observe good fortune in the joint financial effort, shared resources, financial and monetary events like loans, intimacy and romance, research, investigation, health, psychological, and physiological matters. Jupiter_Transit_Sagittarius

During this time if the Saggi’s handle their resources wisely they can see an increase in the accumulation of personal possessions, rise in intimacy and improved psychological understanding. This period of the year is great to work on the financial planning and making a fiscal strategy. You are in a good state to help others. Go ahead and help the friends or closed one who are facing crisis in their life. Your ability to understand and manage the situation practically will improve and you will understand the depth of every event and accept it in a positive manner. You will realize that the path to healing can be achieved only by facing your fears.

If you are undergoing any in depth research, it will end up well. In some cases, tax refund, inheritance of property and other such benefits are likely to arrive. The business partnership can bring you financial gains too. There may be rise in the intimate activities with your partner and you will become more caring and passionate towards your better half.

Since Jupiter is the rules of Sagittarius zodiac, you will have less impulsive and more thoughtful personality traits during this cycle. You will be hard working and you attention seeking ability will rise. Keep your eyes open to seek the opportunities that come your way.

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Created: Wednesday, November 20 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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