Do you believe your married life can be tedious despite comparing horoscope?

Do you believe your married life can be tedious despite comparing horoscope?

A marriage is a very vital occasion in a person’s life and world. It is via this event that a man and a woman becomes a singular unit, and possess the ability to expand the world. In fact, the whole context of expansion relies on it. In Hinduism, marriage is considered as a very auspicious event and it is always cherished by everyone.

For a couple’s success in marriage, there are many customs and rituals that you can perform. The most vital of them is the Kundli Milan (or the occasion of horoscope matching). However, is matching the horoscopes quite significant or is it worth it? That’s because, many people have argued that in the past, without matching horoscope, marriages did still survive from all types of scares and difficulties.

But, this decree or statement can be rejected in many ways, as matching horoscopes is quite a very common practice, where women are considered quite equal to all men.

But, in today’s world, women are still not considered as equals and are always devalued and kept for doing house hold chores. They are confined to raising children and are kept in pathetic living conditions. The horoscopes of these women are not matched by anyone too, as a general practice.

However, if a man considers his woman equal and his compatriot, then she can become their soul mate, and for it, matching of horoscopes is a primary must.

However, even if the horoscope of a couple is matched, it has been noted that sometimes there can be problems in a person’s marriage thanks to hurdle and problems. This can of course happen thanks to a health or physical problem or because of the non-birth of a child. Also, one of the most vital reasons of a breakup in a marriage is thanks to conflict of characteristics or personalities. These things act as a catalyst in a marriage.

Whilst comparing horoscope, one only takes into account the eight main segments. That is—asthakoot of 2 of them, and that in turns creates the best aura for a successful marriage. But, this must not be considered as the only single segment. Before comparing the horoscope sheet, a person should consider some characteristics of the man and the woman by checking out their personal horoscopes as well.

The things you have to consider should be as following;


  • Groom and the bride’s life expectancy:

It is very vital to calculate the life expectancy and longevity of a couple. This can easily be done by checking out the Lagna and the Lagnesh and also the Asthmesh Dosha over the sheet of horoscope. If any dosha or problem is found in the horoscope, then it would mean a very short life term and it will also be bad for the couple as whole for both wife and the spouse. But, thankfully, if you know the dosha, its knowledge can easily be removed.

  • The health of the couple

If you check out the langa lord (the lord of the 8th, 4th and the 6th house) and the moon in a person’s horoscope, then you can check out a person’s health. This will allow you to determine whether you to be wife or husband had or will have an illness free life or not.

  • The placement of the 7th house over a Groom or a bride’s horoscope

This is quite vital, and this can happen thanks to weakness in the seventh house, backward moving seventh house, the seventh house movement to the sixth, eighth or twelfth house or thanks to negativities of a planet. All these are irrespective of the 36 out of 36 matches in the sheet, and these can certainly cause issues.

  • The probability of having kids in the horoscope

Marriage means children and expansion of universe as it can easily contribute to building new generations. Hence it becomes vital to make sure that one must check the situation of the living kids in the horoscopes. This practice should be done right before the comparison is made.

  • Placement of planet mars

If you ever need a good marriage life, then it is vital to understand the placement of the planet Mars individually. If the comparison stays the same, then the couple can proceed for the marriage. But, it can be a matter of concern if the planet’s influence is not known on both the horoscopes.

Top solutions for the problem

  • If there are any inconsistencies or doshas in the horoscope, then they have to be rectified well before the date of marriage. You can seek solutions and help from any expert astrologer
  • In situations where the seventh house is under the dark shadow or is weak, one has to opt for Vedic based Shanti Puja or any other event. No gem stone can aid the person in this particular case.
  • The horoscope sheet of the both to be husband and wife should be scrutinized if there is a Maglik case. Both must seek Manglik partners for each other after they have done the Mangal Shanti (peace) Puja.
  • If a person is suffering from numerous doshas in his or her horoscope—or if the person in question is already married and is having issues in the relationship—then he or she must, without any fail, do and organize a puja or event to appease Ma Katyayani.
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Created: Sunday, July 31 2016
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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