Diwali laxmi puja vidhi and Pujan Vidhan

Diwali laxmi puja vidhi Vidhan

laxmi puja 2014

laxmi puja Vidhi

The Indian myths say that Goddess Laxmi is learned Bhrigu’s daughter. She took shelter in the ocean full of milk when all the gods went to exile. It is believed that the goddess took rebirth when the churning of the ocean took place. When the gods saw her, they all fell in love with the beauty of the Goddess. Even, Lord Shiva claimed the deity as his wife. He was enchanted with her beauty. But, finally she was married to lord Vishnu.

Diwali laxmi pujan vidhi Vidhan

Proper arrangements must be made in order to perform the Laxmi pujan. Firstly, choose the place where you have to perform the puja. Take that platform and place a pot (also known as Kalash) over it. That pot has to be made up of copper, silver, terracotta or gold. Place a coin, Betel nut or grains of rice over it. The three forth part of the pot must be filled with water. You can also put some leaves or mango leaves over the pot. Place a small dish on the pot and draw a picture of lotus with turmeric powder on these rice grains. Place the idol of goddess laxmi on the coins.

Place the idol of Lord Ganesha on the very front portion of the Kalash in the south-west direction. You can also keep the ink, books and other stuffs related to your occupation or the business. You can offer huldi, flowers and kumkum to the water. Now, the Goddess is invoked. The mantras are recited. You can now put honey, milk, curd and ghee over the idol of the goddess and then wipe it again with the water in order to clean it. Gulal, saffron paste, perfume and garlands are also offered to the deity. Now aarti is done and small bell is ringed. No clapping is done here.

This whole process is done in order to perform the Laxmi pujan. After this process,

diwali Puja Muhurat

diwali Puja Muhurat

people burn crackers and prashad is distributed among all. The whole puja vidhi must be performed with calmness and having faith on the Goddess.

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Created: Friday, October 18 2013
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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