Dhanteras 2015date 09November 2015 Monday: Significance & Rituals

Dhanteras 2015: Significance & Rituals date 09 November 2015 Monday

Pooja on Makar sankranti

Dhanteras Pooja

The festival of Dhanteras falls 2 days before the festival of Diwali. It is celebrated with great devotion and enthusiasm in the Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states of northern India. Dhanteras is dedicated to Lord Dhanvantri who is the doctor of gods. An important ritual of the day is Lakshmi Puja which is observed in the evening. There are no mandatory rituals and customs related to Dhanteras as they vary from region to region. But here is a general idea of how this festival can be celebrated:
Purchasing or shopping is one of the important activities of the day. The day is believed to very favorable for investment and new purchases. Many people consider it a perfect day for Diwali shopping. On this day, first lamps of the festival of Diwali are lit. Paper lanterns decorated with festoons are used by people to convey the message of Diwali arrival.
However, this festival

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is not only related to materialistic shopping but family bonding and spiritual health are important aspects of the festival. All the family members gather for merry making at their ancestral house. The day is very important to parents and grandparents who wait for meeting their children and grandchildren.
Drawing Rangoli and tiny footprints of Goddess Laxmi is an old ritual which is done for good luck on the occasion is also drawn to welcome the goddess Laxmi. The tiny footprints symbolize the arrival of Goddess Laxmi. In addition, devotional songs are also dedicated to the lords in the evening at the time of aarti.
Dhanteras is the word which is made out of two words known as “dhan” and “teras”. Dhan means wealth and teras means the thirteenth day. On this occasion mainly in the northen India, it is a ritual to buy precious metals, gold, silver and utensils to bring prosperity and wealth in the lives. The purchase of these items is considered as the sign of good luck.
In some of the regions of the country, there is a ritual to take baths and wear the new clothes and fasting is also done on the festival. Deepdan is also done on it and considered as the important ritual.

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Created: Thursday, September 19 2013
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