Dewali pooja dates

Diwali  Puja dates  and Muhurat  for year 2016

Vedic Diwali Puja is considered as the praise and worship of goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha in the Vedic way. We show our respect towards the lord Ganesha and to the goddess of prosperity and wealth Laxmi.

Laxmi is regarded as the goddess of wealth, light, good fortune, and beauty. While people worship goddess Laxmi to achieve success, she never blessed the one who is reluctant to work and worship her only for the purpose of wealth.


30 octomber 2016, Wednesday

Laxmi Kuber Puja and Yagya on Diwali

Lord Kuber and goddess Laxmi are regarded as the king and goddess of prosperity and wealth.

The Puja of Laxmi Kuber is basically performed for gaining prosperity and upturn from the debts. This Puja is specially suggested for the individuals who are associated with business or the one who are facing financial issues. This Puja is among one of the most powerful Puja of the Hindu religion which is generally perform to bring prosperity and wealth in the family and business.

Lord Kuber is among one of the wealthiest lord, is supposed to have rented money to the lord Balaji for the purpose of his marriage. Getting this Puja done convey with it wisdom, courage and virtue, prosperity and peace, care against threat, glory and grandeur.

On this very special day, we are undertaking a huge responsibility in India to give you the chance to contribute in the Grand Laxmi Kuber Puja. This is the perfect chance when you can actively take participate in this grand celebration and confine this in your soul, body, and mind. With the help of this Puja you will also come to know about the secrets of wealth, which will assist you in a very positive way.

Lord Kuber is also known as banker in Heaven, this is the time when you can ask him for all your lost accounts which is related to wealth. Kuber and Laxmi are performing mutually in a wealth supporting arrangement, so that they can guide you for the better way. By taking the help of this Puja you will be able to bring more power to your objectives.


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Laxmi  Kuber Puja

The day of Diwali

Puja cost Rs 2700/-

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Laxmi  Kuber Yagya

The Night of Diwali

Yagya cost Rs 15000/-



date 28 octomber2016 ,

Beginning of Diwali – Kuber Puja on Dhanteras,

Kuber Puja: Kuber means god of assets, wealth, and savings. If you are having financial issues related with debts, loan crises, loss in business, not capable to recover money, or loss of money, and so on, then by just going through this Kuber Puja you will be able to solve your issues in a very short period of time. In most of the cases we perform the Kuber Puja at the time of Diwali, but it is good to perform this Puja along with the Kuber Yantra Puja on a regular basis if you are facing the financial issues.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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29 octomber2016,

Second day of Diwali – Kali Chudas

MahaKali Puja: Goddess Kali is the symbol of strength. She is also known as the consort of Lord Shiva. It is also very important to perform Mahakali homa for having the power and strength in mind. With the help of this sacred method you will be able to solve all the fearful issues which will assist you to bring success in life. There are many individuals who believe that with the help of this Puja one can keep them self away from the black magic, and evils eye so that it becomes easy to get success in all the works. This Puja is very beneficial for bringing happiness and peace in the family. Apart from this you can also reduce the level of ego and the negative thoughts which are causing obstruction for your progress.

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29 octomber2016,

Second day of Diwali – Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti Puja: With the help of this Puja you will be able to reduce the difficulties which are commencing in the way of success. By going through this Puja you will realize the source of positive confidence and energy which will help you in a positive way. It also protects the devotees from all kind of evil spirits.

Importance of Hanuman Jayanti Puja: The main reason behind performing the Vedic Puja is to get instant revival from all the issues related with physical illness or problems. The Puja which is done on the Hanuman Jayanti is also known as arogya pujan or balaristayog pujan which is very helpful in achieving the physical strength.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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30 octomber 2016, Wednesday

Third day of Diwali – Laxmi Pujan

MahaLaxmi Puja: Goddess Laxmi is also well known as MahaLaxmi, who is the goddess of auspiciousness, wealth, fertility, fortune, beauty, power, and luxury. She also embrace the undertake of material contentment and fulfilment. She is regarded as restless, fanciful yet caring, with her arms heaved to bless the devotee. If you are facing the issues related with financial loss then this Puja proves to be very beneficial for you. Apart from this there are also several benefits which are associated with this Puja.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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 31 octomber 2016

Fourth day of Diwali – Annakut

KanakDhara Puja: Kanak Dhara Puja is performed for the huge gains based on monthly income. There are several wealthy individuals who are available around the globe; they also perform this Puja to maintain the good affluence so that it can always stay with them.  If you are also facing the issues related with financial problem then performs this Puja to get the better results in a very short period of time.

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 1st  November 2016,

Fifth day of Diwali – Bhai Duj

Shri Sukta Puja: The Shri Sukta paath is considered as very powerful Puja which is being performed for maintaining wealth and prosperity. The Shri Sukta Japa is beneficial for those who are looking for prosperity and wealth in life. It is very beneficial for the people who are facing difficulties in financial issues and wishes to gain wealth in plenty. By taking the help of Shri Sukta paath the individual can easily diminish the level of sorrows.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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Vyapar Shubh Arambh Vridhi Anushthan: The only basis of money is Vyapar. If you also want to achieve success in business, so that you can earn good amount of profits then it is good to go with Vyapar Shubh Arambh Yagya. This Yagya is performing in order to satisfy the Lord Kuber to achieve success in business. If you are not able to make best use of your luck then with the help of this yagya you can remove all the negative effects from your life.

Importance of Shubh Aarambh Yagya: By taking the help of Vyapar Shubh Aarambh Yagya you can bring success to the business and twirls a failure business into a profitable business. There is a big difference between personal yagya and corporate yagya. So, you can choose the one according to your business. You can solve the issues related with large scale or small scale with the help of this yagya. There are some principles which you are required to follow, if you want to achieve success in business.

Rs. 15000 or $250

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