Capricorn Health Horoscope 2014

For the People born under the Capricorn zodiac the year 2014 will be a good year as far as their health is concerned. You might suffer from minor ailments like infections, headache and joint pain. Tenderness in shoulder muscles will cause problem. Stiff joints and orthopedic problems are common in the Capricorns.

Due to stomach problems you will lose interest in food and it will decrease your appetite. Due to working late at night you will feel tired and lazy. This is the right time to reschedule your routine and take out some time your family and yourself. Proper rest and relaxation are necessary to rejuvenate the body and work again. It is right time to start proper exercise and take balanced diet.

Planetary Position

As per the Capricorn Health Horoscope 2014, your ruling planet Saturn will have control over your digestive system. Do not skip your meals or if you do, try not to eat beyond your capacity. Control this irregular habit of consuming food; else you will end up ruining your digestive system. Due to Saturn as your ruling planet you will be serious and committed towards your goals.

Planet Mars will also show some movement in your horoscope chart. It will help you in boosting your spirit and you will have high level of energy. The period of July to September and the month of December will bring little trouble towards you. However, these are common ailments that can be easily cured.

Diet Suggestions

Capricorn Health Astrology 2014 suggests Capricorn Natives to load their diet with fresh fruits, vegetables and milk. This will help you in having good health. Fish can also be consumed as it will help you in fighting against rheumatic tendencies. For a Capricorn natives diet must be rich in protein and calcium. Calcium Phosphate will help you in keeping healthy. Oranges, lemons, cabbage, celery, spinach, celery, etc are rich in Calcium phosphate. To boost your energy you can also include walnut and almond in your diet.

Lastly, you energy level and health will remain satisfactory in the year 2014. However, some minor stress may come into light trying to ruin your health. However, this will totally depend on your habits weather you want them to ruin your health or not. Do not over do things. Control your tendencies and focus the energy to do something worthwhile and constructive. Change in diet may create miracles. You can also perform yoga and meditation to get profitable results.

Category: Predictions

Created: Saturday, March 22 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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