Cancer Health Horoscope 2014

The astral reading predicts that people born under the Cancer zodiac will enjoy better health and wellness. You will feel mentally sound and physically active. You will feel new energy and zeal to pursue your interests of life. However, do not get carried away in your pursuits. Try to take out some time for yourself and loved ones.

According to the Cancer Health Horoscope 2014, your body will demand for rest and rejuvenation and you must take that in consideration. Keep a close watch on the intake of food and beverages as there is risk of stomach infection that could lead to food poisoning. You will face problem in your digestive system. Try consuming controlled meals at regular intervals to avoid acidity and ulcers.

There are possibilities that you will gain weight this year. Try to control it in the beginning before it turns into serious problem. Stay away from consumption of alcohol.

Planetary Positions

As per Cancer Health Astrology predictions, planet Jupiter is positioned in the sixth horoscope house. However, it is in retrograde phase. This will result into obstacles and ailments in health. Viral and bacterial infections will trouble you all over the year. This may lead to common cold and flu. You are also likely to face digestive problems and skin infections. Along with Jupiter, Sun and Mercury also made their place in the sixth house of your horoscope chart. This ensures you will be blessed with energy and positive attitude to overcome the obstacles and will come out with flying colors.

Diet Suggestions

In the year 2014, Cancer natives will suffer majorly from stomach ailments. It is advised that you should be careful in your diet. Starch and sugar consumption should be controlled or you will face problems in the bowels. If you feel dehydrated, try consuming salt mixed with water. Stay away from spicy and fried food as much as possible. Consume calcium as it will restore the minerals in your body. Intake of calcium will keep the skin disorders and stomach inflammation away.

Cancer is a watery sign and is ruled by emotions to great extent. The cancer natives are sensitive to the environment and the surrounding. Emotional well being is important to keep yourself healthy and fit. Love and care of family will ensure that you are emotionally fit and secure. It will help in overcoming the health problems and obstacles that can arise in the year 2014.

Category: Predictions

Created: Friday, March 14 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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