Birthday of Khatu Shyam Ji

The birthday of Lord Khatu Shyam Ji will be celebrated on 3rd November 2015. The lord was born in the Kartik Shukla Ekadashi and was the grandson of Bhim. On this day the grand kartik mela is being organized in order to celebrate the birthday of Khatu Shyam Ji. On the Jayanti devotees must seek the blessings of the lord. It is also believed thatShyam Ji donated his head to Lord Krishna on the Phalgun Shukla. The two days keep the special significance for the worship of the Lord Khatu Shyam Ji i.e. on the 11th and 12th day of bright half of the month of Hindu calendar. These two days are referred to as Shukla Ekadashi and Dwadashi. The blessings received on this day are considered to be very auspicious. On these days pandits make the temple open for the whole day.

The Lord Khatu Shyam Ji was the son of Ghatothkacha and the grandson of Bheem. He is also considered to be the manifestation of barbarika who had promised his mother to fight from the weaker side in the Mahabharata. Therefore this is the reason that he fought from the side of Kauravas. But on the other hand, Lord Krishna knewed that if such thing happens the Pandavas will definitely loose the war therefore to save the Pandavas Krishna asked for his head in the charity.

There are more other names of Lord Khatu Shyam Ji by which Lord is being known and they are:-

  • Barbarika: – Before the name given by the Lord Krishna the Khatu Shyan Ji was referred by the name of Barbarika and this was his childhood name.
  • Sheesh ke Daani: – this name was due to the donation of the head.
  • Haara ka Sahara: – this name was given because he was supporting that party who was weaker as advised by his mother in the Mahabharata.
  • Teen Baan Dhaari: – this name was given due to the three arrows given by the Lord Shiva.
  • Lakha datari: – this name was given because Lord gives his devotees all that things that they ask for.
  • Leela Ke Aswar
  • Khatu Naresh
  • Kalyug ke Avtaari
  • Shyam Pyare

On the day of jayanti of the Lord the idol of khatu shyam Ji is kept at the puja place and is decorated well with the horse chariot. People sings the bhajans on this day and then perform the aarti. Afterwards the Prasad is being distributed among the devotees and they are blessed with the blessings. At various temples, Satsang is being organized at the evening time. The chappan bhog is also prtepared on this day and is being distributed afterwards among al the devotees of the Lord.

Created: Sunday, November 23 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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