Bhanu Saptami Puja 2014


Bhanu Saptami is celebrated to worship Lord Sun. This year Lord Sun will bestow their worshippers on 23 March 2014, 06 April 2014, 3 and 17 August 2014 and 28th December 2014. According to Hindu astrology the Lord Sun is considered to be the important God and therefore all the rituals are carried out in a very proper manner. This day is also known as Vivaswat Saptami. It is traditionally believed that on this day Lord Sun took birth and appeared on the chariot of seven horses. Mahaabhishek is performed when the first sun rays are seen. In India, there is only one temple Navgraha mandir where the Lord Sun is worshipped. On this day people also recite the Surya stotras and Aditya hridyam in order to make Lord Sun happy so that Lord Sun gives his blessings to all his devotees. This Saptami is celebrated in the South and some parts of the West region of India. On this day, fasts are also being kept for different purposes like women keep fasts on this day to attain knowledge and virtues, widow women keep fasts on this day so that they do not get the same widow life in next birth. It is also believed that individuals who take bath in the pure river like Gangas during the sun rise will never get poor in his whole life.

Before the sun is dawn, people take bath in river so that they get pure and then worship Lord Sun. Women also draw rangolis on this day in front of the gate of their houses in order to welcome the rays of the Sun. The rangoli is being drawn in the four corners of the house and in the middle the cow dung is burnt. It is believed that one should boil the milk in the earthen vessel facing the sun as it reaches to the Sun directly. After that the kheer made up of wheat and 12 heaps of grains is being offered to Lord Sun. Afterwards, the grains are being offered to Brahamins and the blessings are taken from them.

There are various benefits of Bhanu Saptami Puja. The Lord Sun bestows there devotees with good health, pure mind, pure heart and pure soul for lifetime. The Brahamins who do the puja for Lord Sun becomes celestial when they die. Women attain knowledge and virtues when Lord Sun is worshipped.

Mantras that needs to be recited during the worship of Lord Sun are :

  • Om Mitraya Namah
  • Om Ravya Namah
  • Om Surya Namah
  • Om Bhanve Namah
  • Om Khagaye Namah
  • Om Pushde Namah
  • Om Hrniyagrbhaya
  • Om Marichay Namah
  • Om Adityay namah
  • Om Savitre Namah
  • Om Akarya Namah
  • Om Bhaskraya Namah
  • Om Shriswit Suryanarayana Namah

Created: Thursday, February 13 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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