Baisakhi the harwest festival

  Baisakhi Festival 2015

April 14, 2015 will be celebrated as Baisakhi festival. On this day, sacred Khalsa was acknowledged. That’s why this is very important festival and celebrates all around the world by people of Sikh religion. Lets Read more about this holy festival- Baisakhi

Baisakhi festival day marks as the commencement of the solar year in every year. In Punjab, it celebrates as the New Year beginning. On the day of Baisakhi, followers show towards the God for blessing them with good crop, harvest. This Baisakhi festival is very important festival in Sikhism, because on this day Khalsa Panth was established by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Baisakhi or Vaisakhi is a crop festival, which is celebrated by every famer mainly every year on 13th or 14th April. This is also celebrating as the brotherhood day in Sikhism. Many years ago, in 1699, the Guru Gobind singh ji who was the tenth Guru, decided to break away the exercise of Sikh Guru. He presented the Granth Sahib as the eternal Guru of Sikh Dhram. The Granth Sahib is the sacred scripture of Sikh religion. After that break off Guru, culture stated as the order of Khalsa Panth which means choose five brave leaders to his supporters. All followers were ready to sacrifice their life for other people.

Baisakhi 2015: celebration of Baisakhi Festival

The harvest festival Baisakhi is celebrated with all traditions, feasting, singing, dancing, folk music and visit fair with full enjoyment. The world famous Golden Temple in Amritsar looks like a celebration in itself. Fairs (Mela) are organised everywhere in Punjab, everyone visit it and enjoy the Baisakhi festival. People involve in singing, dancing, making tasty foods etc.


These Baisakhi fairs are famous for its different courageous and entertaining activities like acrobatics, wrestling bouts, traditional Bhangra, Gidda dance, races and other activities. Various products are available on the stalls for purchaser like handicrafts, apparels, trinkets, toys, delicious foods and many more variety.

Don’t miss Baisakhi festival celebration in 2015 year and active participation in celebration with your whole family.

Baisakhi 2015 Rituals and customs

In the early morning hours, all the devotees go to Gurdwara for taking part in the special morning prayers presented to the Spiritual power. Many people vist Gurudwara Anandpur Sahib which is located in Anandpur Punjab, also known as Golden temple, on Baisakhi day. The reason for this visit is that here the Khalsa Pant was announced. The Holy Scripture the Granth Sahib is put on the Takhat (ceremonial flat chair) on Baisakhi day and read. After performing all the prayers and traditions, the Kada Prasad distributes among all the devotees. This holy food- Kada prepare by flour, sugar and butter.

The next ritual is to take out Granth Sahib for Nagar kirtan (holy parade) during the mid day. In this holy parade, all the devotees pray continuously to the spiritual power by dancing and singing the popular religious songs. On this day, people take part in Seva program, work and care for other persons in Gurdwara. This helping habit is considered as the humanity emotion.

All rituals represent the humanity emotion, so don’t miss the Baisakhi festival this year.

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Baisakhi 2015: Celebrations around the world


All the people especially farmers play this festival all over the India, but it’s not limited here, people who are in other countries celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm. For some farmers, this Baisakhi festival mark as the time for harvesting specially Rabi crops.

In this duration, farmers require to put hard work. On the festival of Baisakhi all the people of all community gather at one place and celebrate this day with full happiness.  Every year people wait for this day with great enthusiasm. People go to their fields to celebrate this festival and looking towards the sky, say “Jatta aayi Baisakhi”. This day of Baisakhi also observe as the thanks giving day.

People take care of their homes; clean the entire residence on this day. Decorate the gates with mango trees leaves and flowers. People pray for getting more prosperity and good fortune.

All Sikh people celebrate Baisakhi festival across the world. Don’t miss to become the active part of Baisakhi festival.

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Baisakhi 2015: Significance of Baisakhi

Now you know a lot about Baisakhi festival for celebration but some points are here which show the importance of this festival.

This so much awaited event or festival and also considered as an important event across the India for different reasons. This Baisakhi day is more important in Sikh religion because this day is linked with the establishment of Khalsa Panth. Other reason to celebrate this festival is that it known as the harvesting festival. This festival is valuable for farmers.

Baisakhi is also known with other name across the India such as ‘Nada Barsha’ in Bengal, ‘Puthandu’ in Tamil Nadu, ‘Rongali Bihu’ in Assam. People from different religion celebrate this festival with slightly different process but with full energy and happiness.

The other reason of importance for Hindu religion is that, on this day in 1879, the Arya Samaj’ was established by Dayanand Saraswati. This is a distorted cult of Hindus, who are completely loyal to the holy Vedas for heavenly supervision and have totally deserted the idol worship.

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This Baisakhi festival is also important for Buddhism religion people, because Gautam Buddha gained enlighten on this opportune day.

Baisakhi 2015: The Harvest Festival

The Baisakhi festival signifies the appropriate time for harvesting of Rabi crops. Thus, this harvesting festival is celebrated with happiness and eagerness across the nation. Before, the Baisakhi festival observed in Punjab only cause it marked as their livelihood but now it is popular all over the world.

To celebrate the festival, all people dress in colourful traditional dresses and perform the famous traditional dance like Bhangra with folk music. In Punjab, People feasting together on this day. On the next day of celebration, they start again their daily harvesting work.

Now Baisakhi is not only for Sikh people, but it is celebrated by everyone with same energy and happiness. It doesn’t matter where you are and who you are, all people celebrate this festival.

Just join the celebration of Baisakhi festival this year and enjoy.

Baisakhi 2015: The distinctive identity of Khalsa

According to tradition, Guru gives an exclusive and undeniable individuality his new Khalsa. Guru presents new Sikh garment, headwear in the form of reward. Guru also presents to Khalsa five symbols of purity and courage. These specific symbols know as 5K’s universally:

  • Kesh- the unshorn hair
  • Kangha- the wooden comb
  • Karra- the iron (or steel) bracelet
  • Kirpan- the sword
  • Kachha- the underwear

In this person donate himself for Seva(service) of other people and the God- Akal Purakh. After the establishment of Sikhism, for decades this is in tradition that the first baby of family is ordered to be bring up as a complete Sikh.


Now you have all the necessary information about Baisakhi festival, so be an active participant in this glorious festival- Baisakhi.
Enjoy Baisakhi 2015!

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