Angarak Chaturthi 2015

The Lord Ganesha is considered to be one of the most popular gods according to the Hindu culture. There are various names of the God and the famous one is Vighnaharta. The meaning of the word Vighnaharta is the one who fights or removes all the evils and obstacles from the life of the individual so that they can live the life peacefully without any fear of negative energies. Among the devotees, the Lord Ganesha is the favorite god and people honor him a lot and perform all type of rituals in order to please the Lord. In order to make the Lord happy people celebrate this day on Tuesday and in the year of 2015 this day will come on 1st September.

The Angarak Chaturthi is also known with the name of Sankashti Chaturthi which falls on the day of Tuesday. According to Hindu calendar, this day is celebrated on every Lunar month on the fourth day of dark lunar of waning phase of moon which is the day of Krishna Paksha. This day is also popularly known as Sankata hari Chaturthi. This day is celebrated due to the legend that is behind this day. According to the Puranas, Angarak was considered to be the son of Bharadwaj Rishi and mother Earth. Angarak was the accomplished sage and was the devote of the Lord Ganesha therefore he used to pray a lot to the Lord ganesha with full devotion and dedication on each day. On the day of Magh Krishna Chaturthi which fell on Tuesday, Lord Ganesha made the appearance in front of Angarak and blessed him with all the happiness and boom. The devotion of Angarak was so much that he asked the Lord to associate his name with him for forever.

Since, the Lord Ganesha was already impressed with the Angarak so he granted his wish and proclaimed that the devotes who will offer the prayers to Lord Ganesha on the Angarak Chaturthi would be grantd with all the desires which they have wished. In order to celebrate this day devotees keep the fast on this day and after the darshan of the Lord they break their fasts. The fast is generally broken in the night and the Prasad is also prepared on this day.

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Created: Wednesday, December 03 2014
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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