All Zodiac Sign Predictions for Jupiter Transit in Virgo August 2016 to September 2017

Jupiter Transiting Virgo – Predictions from August 2016 to September 2017

Jupiter is one of the auspicious planets among twelve planets in astrology. Jupiter connotes of knowledge, wisdom, fame, benefits, luck, education, achievement, prosperity, children as well as health. In coming August 11, 2016 Jupiter is going to enter into sign of Virgo and it will stay in this sign until, September 12, 2017. Generally, natives who are ruled by Jupiter or Guru, stay happy, remain lucky as well as gain prosperity and success in all squares of lives. It is expected that Jupiter’s transit will also be very beneficial for all natives of rashi chakra as Jupiter offers benefic results even if it stays malefic in natal chart.  Though, Jupiter is not pretty much good in dual signs, but we can expect good results for all of the signs because Jupiter is going to leave Rahu and will be freed from the tenth aspect of Saturn. Let us see how Jupiter is going to impact twelve signs.  Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar as a famous Indian Astrologer Provides you proper predations for All Rashi Signs.

  • Aries: For Aries native, this transit is not so auspicious and it offers mix results throughout one year. But you can easily win over your enemies. It is signified that you will be over indulged in sex, which would not be good for health as well as would the cause of your defamation. You may gain excess weight and feel lazy because of over eating. As, Jupiter rules your 9th and 12th house you may find difficulties in your luck front. You need to stay careful prior to ten days and post twenty days when Jupiter will enter Virgo. Be cautious when you are going to make friendship or give love proposal to female, as it can be your cause of ill reputation. Spend money according to your pocket or you will be in debt. People, who are working in offices and getting salaries in every month, the transit will be beneficial for them. But if you are running your own business then you can face difficulties and you can face loss or your goodwill can be disrupted. Banks may provide you loan for your personal or professional front, but you will have to walk through stony way to achieve the loan. Better not to go for any loan in this period. You will find hardship to paying back the loan. You need to spend money regarding of your health and you need to be hospitalized. Take special care of your liver, pancreas as well as kidney. Drink plenty of water and have light food. Do not over indulge yourself in alcohol, drug or sex. The last period of this transit will be very crucial and you need to be careful taking any new decision.

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  • Taurus: Sagittarius is the mool trikona place of Jupiter, whereas it is 8th house for Taurus natives. Jupiter, being your eighth house lord, is failed to provide auspicious result though it is your eleventh house lord. You will be coddled yourself in religious activates and it will help you increase your social ring. You will be the person of trust and people will come to discuss as well as share their problems near you. Avoid doing such things which can harm your self-repute. The transit can be cause of progeny and female Taurus natives, who are expecting baby during this period, can face difficulties if they will not go for regular checkup. If you have Jupiter in your dustana houses (6th, 8th or 12th) or in malefic condition in your birth chart then transit can be bad for your father. You can get benefic results in starting period of this transit but the situation will be bad later. There will be lots of differences between you and your children, especially the way you think and they think. Your children will perform mischievous things. Jupiter will be transiting through stars of Sun, Moon and Mars. When Jupiter will transit through Mars Star Chitra, the result will be very bad for you and for your health as well as wealth related issues. If Mars stays in malefic house in your chart then take precautions before that period. Though, Jupiter is your 11th lord and provides full aspect to your eleventh house from Virgo, thus, you can get good fruits in the first as well as the last month of Jupiter transit in Virgo.


  • Gemini: Gemini is one of the dual signs among other four dual signs of Astrology. Jupiter is 7th and 10th lord of Gemini natives. Gemini people will have gains as well as attention from seniors. You will gain benefits in your work front and get a promotion. Your boss will be on your side and favor you this time. You will be favored by seniors outside and inside home. You will be engaged in religious activities. Jupiter will aspect its own house pieces from Virgo and thus results these all to you. If Jupiter is placed and connected with benefic houses as well as aspected by good planets in your chart then you will get auspicious result during this period. If you are in search of new job or unemployed then you can try your luck on real estate field, it can be beneficial for you. As, Jupiter is going to be placed in your forth house and it is also your 7th house lord, you may have very happy married life during this period in-case your forth house in not badly affected in your birth chart. Your enemies will be in strong position than you, so it is better not to poke your enemies at this period. Hence, the transit will come up with double faced result. Jupiter will transit over three stars, Sun (Purbafalguni), Moon (Hasta) and Mars (Chitra). The first two stars will not provide any harm to you, but the Mars star can affect your health as Mars is your sixth lord and it is not friendly planet for Gemini people. But the transit provides you good result if you are going to sit for competitive exams and here Mars star plays auspicious role for you.


  • Cancer: Jupiter gets its full power in Cancer and exalted. Jupiter is 6th and 9th lord for cancer natives. Now it will be placed in your 3rd house, the house of short distance journey, communication, relationship with your siblings, your writing power and so on. You will feel bit increased temperature in your body during the period though it is not matter of tension. You are already spiritual and you will feel more attachment with your god and his virtuousness. You can deal better with your kinsmen. As, Jupiter is going to aspect his own house, Pieces which is your 9th house of luck, you will be endowed with good luck, blessing of god and your luck will be with you in hard time. You will travel in many places. You need to try your luck at any advisory or consulting field like real estate broking or so on. Hope, your luck will smile on you. Your witting skill will be improved. If you are running a blog or you are a writer or you are just a blogger then this year brings you the gratitude that you desire for long time. But, if Jupiter is placed in malefic house or connected with malefic planets then the result can go against you. Jupiter will cross three stars of Sun, Moon and Mars and all these 3 stars have good relation with Jupiter and the star planets are beneficial for cancer sign. So, the chances are high that Cancer natives will enjoy the whole period if the three stars are not placed or connected with 6th or 8th or 12th You will get promotion in your professional field due to Mars star inspite of some hurdles in your profession.


  • Leo: Leo is the king of other signs and it is ruled by Sun. Jupiter is lord of 5th and 8th house of this sign. Leo natives are going to have good intuition power as well as astrological skill. If you are planning for marriage in this year then you will be connected with real soulmate lest Jupiter is placed in beneficial house in your birth chart or it has any benefic connection. Take care of your teeth and eyes. Your bank balance will be greater than before. You may welcome new family member in your house. Jupiter transit will be fruitful for you. You may earn profit from old documents or from government. Do not overeat. It can cause your liver as well as kidney. You may keep check in your weight as Jupiter will going to aspect your 10th Whether you are in job or you are doing your own business, you will see profit as well as growth in your career. If you are in profession of astrology then you will earn reputation with your work. The whole period will be beneficial apart from the period Jupiter will enter the Mars star. When Jupiter will come over Moon star, you may set off travelling abroad and you can buy expensive things too. So, sudden big expenses are indicated for Leo people. You will face some difficulties in your career front, though you will recover the problems soon with god grace. Some old disease may ship into your life so take care of your health. You may face accident of injury in the period Jupiter enters Mars Star (Chitra) because 2nd house is known as Maraka sthana also. It offers wealth as well as indicates accidents.


  • Virgo: Jupiter is going to enter in Virgo on 11th of August, 2016 and stay for one year till 12th September, 2017. During this period, Virgo natives are going to bang on some fields of lives that are unexpected. People, who are waiting for marriage and worrying how to get suitable life partners, will get their soul mates this year. The transit will be fruitful for mental as well as physical front. if Jupiter is placed in malefic house or connected with bad planets, you will not gain lots of wealth, but chances are there that you will gain something better. In Virgo, Jupiter will be free from Rahu as well as tenth aspect of Saturn. So, Jupiter will work on his norms and provide auspicious results. Jupiter aspects 5th, 7th and 9th house from its position; so Virgo people will be relaxed in mind and will be more connected to mental peace instead of making wealth or increasing bank balance. You will easily resolve problem between you and your spouse. Avoid making any deal with ancestral property or any other property dealing in this time period. You can lack your self esteem or confident in some ways. You can fall in love with the person whom you know for long time and the relation will mature. If you are already in love then you may tie knot this year. Check your diet; otherwise you will gain extra weight. Avoid indulging yourself in over sexual activities; it will harm your health. If you are in profession of content development or media then think twice before taking any new assignment. Your one mistake can ruin your position. When Jupiter will go over Moon star (Hasta), you will gain lots of profit in your personal and professional front if you make good use of this time.


  • Libra: This time Jupiter transit is not considered that much good or auspicious for Libra ascendant people, though the overall performance would be good and is expected. As you know this time Guru will be coming in your 12th house which is also known as the house of losses as well as expenses. Sometimes you will face unfavorable results in this placement and sometimes with your work you will get the benefits, as Guru is one of the most benefic plants in the entire solar system, so you might get some fruits of it and sometimes not, depending on other planetary conditions in your horoscope. This transit can give you long distance travel and you visit the pilgrimage and stay away from your native home. You can search for your soul control incurring heavy expanses on pomp as well as show. You should be careful while making the investment, because this time is not that much favorable for long term investment, but this time you can be benefitted for soul searching and other efforts that will help you to find the meaning of life. You many face trouble in selling the property, so this time you should not do it. Your domestic life can be hampered and your health condition can be deteriorated, if you have any digestive issues, then you should careful in this situation. Now you must be thinking how to overcome this situation or time? Yes changing the Vishnu Mantra can be helpful for you to overcome this situation. So get ready to face the time and be prepared to overcome the situation whatever it is.

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  • Scorpio: In Vedic astrology in the chart Jupiter is coming in the month of August Scorpio, it includes the highly effective Nakshatras Visaka. People who born in this nakshatra consider their Sign as Rasi as Scorpio Sign, which is also called Vrishchika. It is one of your labha sthanam and will be more and more financial gains. You will certinaly become more fortunate this time with your new and latest initiatives. As you know that the 11th house rules the fulfillment as well as desires. So, to ask for all these things that you ever wish for. So the Guru or Jupiter will see it and thus you are no doubt granted your wishes as well as desires. All such disrupted or the things will be fulfilled this time. Jupiter from Virgo this time will aspect your 3rd, 5th as well as 7th house. So this Guru or Jupiter aspects will give you many benefits on these houses. Guru or Jupiter aspects on your 3rd house that is called the Keerthi sthanam will no doubt bring the honor; respect as well as social impact will increase. You will try to finish the things that you tried several times before but could not completed with the whole effort, now the time is coming to finish all those unaccomplished tasks and fulfill your desires and wishes. It is said that Guru or Jupiter aspects the houses are known as poorva punya shtanam, all the issues related to the houses including the debts will be solved. So let’s go ahead and take the benefits of this blessing period with Jupiter and fulfill your desires and wishes that you have been longing for a long time.


  • Sagittarius: According to Vedic astrology and chart analysis, Sagittarius comes as the prospective 9th sign, and it normally includes the Nakshatras Moola i.e. 1, 2, 3, and 4 padas, Purvashada 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well as Uttarashada 1 padas. So those who born in any one of the said nakshatra genuinely consider that their Sign or Rasi as Sagittarius, also known as Dhanu Rasi. It is said that Jupiter or Guru in the 10th house will normally lead to loss of power or position, rank as well as authority. But you should not worry at all. This Guru or Jupiter peyarchi would not give such a trouble or the problem which you are thinking. Because here Jupiter or Guru is the lord of 1st house, the lagna or ascendant as well as the 4th house. In the time the ord of 1st house as well as 4th house comes to the 10th house, it will bring immense benefits for the person. So this is one of the great transit, i.e. Guru Peyarchi in the year 2016 and surely be better for you. From the Virgo sign, this Jupiter or Guru aspects the 2nd house, which is also called the  Dhana sthanam, 4th house, called the Suka sthanam as well as the 6th house, which is often called the Roga sthanam. From these trine aspects, Jupiter or Guru makes this house very much powerful. This arrival of Guru on your 2nd house will bring many benefits, monetary stability as well as growing economic prosperity as well. You will get name, fame and money with the great value for your speech at the same time.


  • Capricorn: From the sign of Virgo the Jupiter or Guru this time will aspect your own sign that is in the 1st house, 3rd house which is called the Keerthi sthanam as well as the 5th house, which is called the poorva punya sthanam. Jupiter or Guru aspects on your 5th house will surely fade away all the hindrances in your growth related to life as well as career. The growing facilities will beforeseen and you will give up the drift, which you have been facing for a long period of time. You will be recognized for your hard work and you will be paid according to your work, so the promotion in job can be seen and you can move to the present to much higher position as well. You will get all solaces in your family. A postponed marriage will take place. You long for purchasing a house or a plot will come valid amid this period. Indeed, even your adversaries will turn companions. Parcel of unexpected facilities will come. You will reimburse all your debts. You will get help from your dad. You will get the financial assistance and mastery exhortation which help for real changes in your business. You will get new organization in business. You will seek after your higher studies. The unemployed will land Positions. Jupiter or Guru aspects on your 5th house and you will be blessed with many monetary gains, respect, well familiarity as well as happiness in life what generally Jupiter provides in one’s life. If you are waiting for a progeny, you can have luck from this excellent transit as Jupiter or Guru will give you blessing with many children.


  • Aquarius: Guru aspects on the 12th house after arriving the Virgo and will reduce your unnecessary as well as wasteful expenditure, or sometimes the luxury expenses. Many auspicious events will definitely take place in your entire family. Your family will be immersed in immense joy and happiness. There will also be the great unity among family. You will also earn the respects as well as fame. Your monetary status will start to increase, and you can expect the friendship with wealthy as well as high rank with the people you believe and you can be benefitted. You might renovate your old house and buy new vehicles. There will be solidarity among siblings. Conflicts in the family will be resolved. Ill will with relatives will stop. Individuals, who are scanning for occupation as such, will land brilliant position opportunities. A few people can expect change of Job and conceivably, a change of spot too. You must be attentive about you heath. Your mate may confront ailment. Be that as it may, there won’t be significant effect. It is said that Ashtama-Guru or Jupiter in the 8th place or house to be slightly troublesome, not that much though, but the 4th as well as 12th houses are get almost the directional strength and as it is a Guru planet, so you will get much of the benefits in this transit, all your trouble will be solved and you will get all you desired for a long time. Your enmity will be disappeared as soon as it transit into the Virgo and at the same time you need to be bit careful while travelling, so you need to avoid unnecessary expenditure as well as journey, if you do not need and you can avoid it.


  • Pieces: So far sixth house Guru would have been given you experience to establish out reality about your friends and relatives. You would have likewise found the worth/influence of cash. Presently Jupiter transits to your seventh house. Your desires will be fulfilled. Your touch will transform even sand into gold. You will be compensated for you work and get gratefulness from higher officials. The unemployed will get occupations. The individuals who have been suspended from work incidentally could have a chance to land back their positions. Some of you will set up organizations of your own. Startling yoga, fortune, and advancement in employments are likewise predicted. Inefficient use will from now on come down. At same time you must be watchful with your companions. Some hatred is predicted with friends. You would do well not to give financial help to anyone in a big way. From the sign Virgo, this time after the transits Jupiter will aspects your 1st house or called Jenma Rasi, and your 3rd house that is your Keerthi sthanam as well as 11th house i.e. the Labha sthanam will be highly benefitted. So these all places or the houses give you immense strength by Jupiter or Guru aspects from the 7th house which is also called the kendra sthanam or your birth chart as well. All your issues in life that happedn suddenly will disappear like the air, as well as the long-troubling debts will also be the ended one.

Hope this article will help you to know your future related to Jupiter for next one year. If Jupiter remains good position in your natal chart then the transit will definitely bring luck and good news for you. If Jupiter is malefic in your birth chart, then also Jupiter provides good results for all of the signs specially for Taurus, Leo, Capricorn, Pieces and Scorpio and provides moderate results for other signs.

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Created: Sunday, July 17 2016
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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