Yearly horoscope foretells the possibilities of the coming year. But a general prediction cannot highlight on every aspect of any sun sign. That’s why we need specific subject oriented horoscope prediction to know about the possibilities in coming days. Here I will share Libra love horoscope 2016 and Scorpio love horoscope 2016 with you. Libra is at the seventh position in zodiac circle while Scorpio is at the eighth. Libra is ruled by Saturn and the associate element is Air; and Scorpio is ruled by Venus and the associate element is Water. Let’s check what is waiting for you in your love life in 2016.

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 Libra Predictions

 General predictions of Libra show that in 2016, there are plenty of opportunities and your options are vast. This year will bring lots of success in your life. You will achieve at all you are waiting for.

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 Libra love horoscope 2016

Libra love horoscope 2016 prefigures that your gleaming attitude towards life has a strong chance to be translated into compact affairs, whether you are single or in a relationship. Romance is always a strong field for Librans and it increases with happy, comfy and charming mood. Your natural nod makes you more attractive, so keep it up.

 For all the Libra people, 2016 is probably the best family year as because throughout the year Jupiter will stay there, in the house of family and relations. Family life will become wealthier, amusing.

In February 2016, Venus will be in Libra’s Seventh House which is promising for the married couples. It may offer you an exceptional phase with your partner. All the way through the year 2016, Neptune will take over Libra’s Fifth House of love, which will compose more passion, more creativity, more openness within you for your partner’s desires and sensitivity. If you are already in an over-romantic relationship, you will bend forward to visualize about the approach it may perhaps go forward.

 Scorpio Predictions

In general, predictions on Scorpio in 2016 anticipate that this year will bring lots of actions and events on the special frontage for Scorpios. There will be enough chances for you to adopt some essential changes that will help you to step forward in life. You will have the vigor to take pleasure in life in total. Towards the second quarter of 2016 you will have to take vital decisions both in personal and professional life.

 Scorpio love horoscope 2016

Scorpio love horoscope 2016 predicts considerable alteration in your love life in between February and May 2016. Your love will be fanatical and sexually exciting during this year as per your horoscope love predictions.  Scorpio is such a zodiac sign that makes the people, under this sign, dedicated and clearly expressed in their prearranged affairs. They are watchful in their relation and marriage, but once they are committed, God knows what will happen if the mate tries any treachery! Scorpios are renowned for jealousy. 2016 may bring some new trend in your love life. For 2016, Scorpions are recommended to keep control over their temperament and try to be kith and kin with the person you are in a love relationship with.

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Created: Thursday, July 30 2015
Author: Lokesh Jagirdar

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