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Tirupati Balaji Puja

Tirupati balaji dwells in the seven hills known as tirumala.  Tirupati balaji is one of the forms of lord Vishnu, also known as Venkateshwara, Sriniwas, Balaji, Venkatachalpati. Venkateshwara means “the lord who destroys the sins of people”. The name is split into multiple parts in Sanskrit: Vem (destroy), kata (sin), ishwara (Supreme lord).

Significance of Tirupati balaji puja:

According to Hindu scriptures, it is believed that the lord venkatesh appeared on the earth in kaliyug for the salvation and upliftment of humanity, due to the love for his devotees. He is the supreme form of lord Vishnu and temple of tirupati is believed as the kaliyug vaikuntham. It is believed that tirumal hill is part of mount Meru  brought on earth by garuda (vehicle of lord Vishnu)  from vaikuntha and seven hills represent the 7 hoods of adi shesh naag (cosmic serpent). Hence, the place itself is auspicious and divine.

Importance of Tirupati balaji puja:

The Tirupati balaji is the supreme lord of kaliyug and destroys the sins of humans. It is believed that he took a debt for his marriage from lord kubera. Those who went to Tirupati balaji temple in remembrance of this and in order to pay his debt donate money, gold in the Venkateshwara’s hundi so that he pays it to lord kubera as soon as possible.

How to perform Tirupati balaji puja:

The devotees must perform the puja wholeheartedly and should have trust and faith on lord Venkateshawara. If you are visiting Tirumala hills for his Darshan put a check on your desires, have full trust on god, respect the gurus and people nearby you, keep chanting the small mantras “OM NAMO NARAYANA”, GOVINDHA, GOVINDHA”, “SAI VENGUSA”, “VENKATRAMANNA”  in the praise of lord venkatesha or Vishnu. The full devotion and purity of heart is the main ingredient of puja offered to balaji. Take bath early morning, give angapradakshina, and surrender yourself in his feet. His darshan fulfils all your desires. Those who want to do puja at home may offer puja by taking picture of balaji on saturady in purattasi month. Put kumkum in his feet, offer garland, and with purity of mind chant the shlokas from Vishnu sahasra naam.

Benefits of Tirupati balaji puja:

The puja of tirupati balaji offered with the faith and control on all your senses i.e. surrender into the lord’s feet help in seeking the salvation. His puja gives peace of mind and soul. He purifies the heart and leads you to work for the welfare of everyone. He always bestows his devotees with prosperity. His puja is miraculous and fills one with lots of positivity in life. The puja helps in acquiring all the worldly things along with the growth of spirituality. The thoughts become positive and purified and bring in self-realization.

Mantra for tirupati balaji puja:

The Lokaguru Shrimath Ramanuja declares the glory of Lord Venkateswara in the following mantra

akhila bhuvana janma sthema bhangadi lIle
vinata vividha bhuta vrata rakshaika dikshe |
Sruti Sirasi vidIpte brahmani Srinivase
bhavatu mama parasmin Semushi bhakti rupa ||

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