Diwali Laxmi Puja Time for 3rd November 2013

Diwali Laxmi Puja Time for 3rd November 2013


In the Pradosh Kaal of the Karthik Krishna Paksha the festival of Diwali and Maha Lakshmi Pujan is celebrated on affixed muhurat that is fixed time period.

In the year 2013, The Diwali celebration will be done on 3rd November 2013. This day is Swati Nakshatra. The moon and Ayushman Yoga will move towards the Libra Sign. Chaughadia Muhurat, auspicious Lagna, Pradosh kal and Amavasya date are important in Diwali festival. For the businessman this Diwali will prove to be auspicious as this year Diwali will be celebrated on Sunday.

1. Pradosh Kal Muhurat


On 3rd November 2013, the Sun will set around 17:33 in Delhi and surrounding areas. The Pradosh Kaal will start from this moment and will be continuous for 2 hours 24 minutes. This period of Pradosh Kall is considered as an auspicious time period or fixed lagna for celebrating Diwali. This muhurat is best in Pradosh Kaal. This day the fixed Lagna and Pradosh Kaaal will start from 18:15 and will end at 20:09. After that the Amrit Chaughadia Muhurat and Shub Muhurat will be from 18:00 to 21:00 and will enhance the auspiciousness of the muhurat.


How to Use Pradosh Kal


All the preparation of the pujan will be completed during Pradosh Kaal. You may also complete the work of distributing sweets in this period.


You may also draw the Subh and Labha and Swastik on the doors in this muhurat only. Gain the blessings from your elders by offering them gifts. You may also perform the donations on the religious places.
2. Nishit Kaal


This year on the Diwali day, Nishit Kaal will be started at 20:14 and will end at 22:53. In this time there may be difference of few minutes in the local state. In this kaal the Amrit Chaugadia will start at 19:30 and will end at 21:00. Along with that the Labh Chaugadia will all be present on this day. The businessman may perform Lakshmi puja in this best time.


How to Use Nishit Kaal for Diwali Pujan


The worship of Devi Lakshmi, puja and havan should be completed in this period. Apart from that the pujan of, Maha Lakshmi, Maha Kali and Kuber may also be done by chanting mantras.

3. Maha Nishit Kal


On 3rd November 2013, Maha Nishit Kaal will start at 22:53 and will last at 25:32. During this kaal the Cancer Lagna is believed as auspicious. Both the Kaal and the Lagna will be from 22:23 to 24:46 on the same day. Because of these two this time is believed to be auspicious.

How to Use Maha Nishit Kal for Diwali Pujan


In this time the rituals, astrological knowledge, worshiping of powers, tantric work are performed that is considered as favourable.  After the pujan a lamp is with four wicks is lighted throughout the night in the home. This lamp is the symbol of Devi Lakshmi and it increases luck.


Diwali Chaughadia Muhurat


On 3rd November 2013 the Chaughadia will be as follows:

Chaughadia- 3rd November, 2013 Sunday, New Delhi


Morning 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM

01:30PM to 03:00 PM

06:30 PM to 10:30 PM

And after Mid Night till 03:00 AM


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Created: Tuesday, October 08 2013
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